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Ousent Automatic Testing System Solution

一. Introdcution for Automatic Testing system

Automatic testing system means the automation of soft testing. However, soft testing is to run system or application under preset condition to evaluate running result, which integrates many kinf of technologies such as device’s, bus’,,computer’s, even database application and so on. With the tremendous improvement of system function,such as computer technologies, data telecommunication,network engineering and information management, an opportunity of combination for testing technology, computer’s, telecommunication’s appears. In a few short years, testing industry has undergone a thorough revolution which brings testing technology to be computering, standardization. Comparision with manual testing, automatic testing has below obvious advantages.

1.To improve production efficiency and reduce cost;

2.To reduce limitation of recruitment so that labor cost reduction;

3.To reduce human intervention so that mistakes happened can be decreased;

4.Data automatic collection so that tracking easily.

5.Product quality has high repetitiveness,consistency so that defective rate can be decreased accordingly.

Ousent Automatic Testing System Solution

Our production line has a full evaluation of demand to testing systems since the dust-free workshop was established in 2012, developing a series of large and high-frequency automatic testing system by existing technologies.

                                                (System Wiring Diagram)

Automatation software user interface: After starting testing, system will read the module automatically and test it one by one.

二.Third -About Prospects

Since introduction of the Auto system,the controllability and consistency of regression testing are well guaranteed. It greatly improves the testing efficiency and production quality,and realizes the coverage of module types,laying a solid foundation for the company's product line technology into intelligent closed-loop control. We will continue to invest in automation test development and promotion, work hard to provide customers more cost-effective products and services.

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